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Garage doors are complex mechanisms but their problems have solutions.

  • What precautions should I take when I go on vacations?

    While your front and back doors may be secured by heavy locks, some perpetrators find ways to gain access through your garage doors. While you are away, you could bolt the garage doors and unplug the opener so the door would not move at all.

  • What causes the door to reverse immediately after hitting the floor?

    This problem typically occurs with doors and openers which have just been installed. The most common cause is an incorrect setting of the limit. Go to the close limit switch and reduce the limit to ensure that the door will not reverse due to the hitting the floor with a greater force. Check how to adjust the switch in the owner's manual that you have from the manufacturer of the opener.

  • Why is my garage door slow?

    Most probably, the problem lies with the garage door torsion spring. Try to lift the door manually to see whether it is difficult to move. If the test confirms that this is the case, you can be certain that the issue has to do with the spring being out of balance. The professionals in garage door repair Newberg advise that the spring is balanced right away. This will eliminate the risk of accidents and damage.

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