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Garage Door Projects Completed

Are you looking for a new garage door system? We have a wide range of products to offer you. We also provide new automatic openers and professional repair services that cover everything from broken springs to dented panels. Here are a few of the latest projects we completed.

Garage Door Installation In Dundee OR

Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Bryant wanted a professional eye to help him pick his new garage doors, as well as install them.
Our Solution: Our experts felt that a set of Raynor Distinctions Series garage doors would be an amazing fit for Mr. Bryant’s interests. They’re custom built, so there would be no doubt that his home would stand out and look gorgeous. Once they were completed, our team slid the doors onto the tracks and closed them before hooking up the cable and springs.

Gabriel Bryant - Dundee
Opener Installation In Chehalem OR

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: The customer had already picked out and purchased her new opener, but wanted it to be installed by a professional. He reached out to us to take care of it.
Our Solution: The new Genie 1035-V model garage door opener was assembled by our technician before it was installed into place. Once it was secured and connected to the door, the remote controls and wall panel were calibrated. Our professional then tested the system to assure it was functioning correctly for the customer.

Sammy Palmer - Chehalem
Track Replacement In Springbrook OR

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: This customer’s track was out of alignment due to being bumped and was causing the door to not open properly.
Our Solution: Mr. Mack’s garage door was disconnected and moved off to the side to be out of the way so our experts could make notes of where the track needed to be. The warped track was then removed and replaced with the new one.

Cecil Mack - Springbrook
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Garage Door Repair Newberg OR

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Door keeps getting stuck seemingly at random.
Our Solution: We began by checking the condition of the tracks and rollers, but found no unusual signs of damage. Then we inspected the lift cables for fraying, but found nothing out of the ordinary there as well. Finally, while examining the opener, we discovered some burnt wires inside the casing, and proceeded to replace the circuit board, which in turn completely solved the problem.

Bo Gregory - Newberg
Spring Replacement, Garage Door Repair Newberg OR

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn out springs.
Our Solution: We tested the door's balance and found that the torsion spring was severely lacking tension. We replaced the old unit and adjusted the new one so that the door's balance would be optimal.

Eddie Brook - Dundee
Sensor Alignment, Garage Door Repair Newberg OR

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: One of the safety sensors was malfunctioning.
Our Solution: Although the sensor's LEDs suggested an alignment issue, a closer inspection revealed that a problem also lied with the wiring. We replaced the worn wires and then realigned both photo eyes with each other to ensure the safety mechanism would work without any issues.

Naomi Xian - Newberg
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